Kubota-D640 - conversion kit SVO/WVO/PPO

Product no.: 82130640-0001 (Model / power data: D640 / 12,9kW/2600min-1(17,6HK), Injection system: IDI(E-TVCS), Application: Tractors and other agricultural machinery, 12 volt or 24 volt: 12 Volt, 1-tank or 2-tank: 1-tank conversion)

The conversion kit contains all main components of the engine modification. It enables you to operate the engine with new vegetable oil(SVO/PPO) or waste vegetable oil (WVO) - and mixtures of them. This conversion kit will work only with BOSCH injection systems. Engines with FAP / DPF systems (only affects PD/CR) are not suitable for this kit. You have to modify or remove the soot filter before you convert the car. Depending from the original engine technology we offer 1-tank modifications or/and 2-tank modifications. More details of the different technical solutions you will find

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Selection: Kubota-D640 - conversion kit SVO/WVO/PPO

Product no. Model / power data Injection system Application 12 volt or 24 volt 1-tank or 2-tank Status Price
82130640-0001 D640 / 12,9kW/2600min-1(17,6HK) IDI(E-TVCS) Tractors and other agricultural machinery 12 Volt 1-tank conversion
NZ$1,929.00 *
82130640-0002 D640 / 12,9kW/2600min-1(17,6HK) IDI(E-TVCS) Stationary engine(gen-set) 12 Volt 1-tank conversion
NZ$2,187.00 *
* Prices without VAT or delivery

Additional product information

Model / power data D640 / 12,9kW/2600min-1(17,6HK)
Injection system IDI(E-TVCS)
Application Tractors and other agricultural machinery
12 volt or 24 volt 12 Volt
1-tank or 2-tank 1-tank conversion

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