Optimisation of engine ECU's/PCM's for BioFuel applications - "Bionize your Chip"

Diesel engines with an electronic fuel injection system are designed to run on petro-diesel. Bio-Fuels have different characteristics so we offer software applications to assure that your car runs efficiently and safely on Bio-Fuels. Actually we offer following packages for a couple of engines, ca

  • Software upgrade of the engine ECU/PCM for MultiFuel operation (SVO/WVO/PetroDiesel) also as an upgrade for already converted applications 
  • Software upgrade of the engine ECU/PCM for different kind of BioDiesel or Biodiesel blends(B5 - B100)
  • For different markets we offer Software upgrades of the engine ECU/PCM to modify, replace, exchange or remove soot filter-(DPF, FAP), AdBlue-, Urea- or DENOX-systems. 

To "Bionize" your Chip/ECU you can send the entire ECU to us or if you or your workshop already has a flash-tool, you can just send us the file. You can order this product here in our online shop or if you’d rather contacts us please submit our inquiry form. Please include your car and engine data. We will do our best to find a solution for you as quickly as possible.

Development of ECU strategies for multi-fuel applications

Sometimes optimizing existing ECU software is not enough. For new developments in particular, a completely new ECU strategy must be developed and parameterized. With special tools and development control units, we have already carried out this work successfully for customers in the past and have shown new ways for the field of multi-fuel application. If you are interested in such work please contact us via our form.

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