Fuel Handling and BioFuel certification


There are many good possible reasons to use Straight or Waste vegetable oil as a fuel: carbon neutrality, sustainability, local availability, emissions, costs and other. We work and support the real local use of vegetable oil - no waste on transportation and most possible benefit for the local people.

With our fuel handling and micro certification projects we evaluate new fuel resources from different plants, vegetable fats and oils. This work requires a comprehensive analysis of the fuel chain, from developing fuel sources to their eventual use in stationary and mobile applications.

We have decades of experiences using oils from different plants, such as: Rapeseed (Canola), Sunflower, Camelina, Palm, Coconut, Jatropha, Soy, and Peanut. For some time now we have worked on projects in the America, Africa and South East Asia using waste oil sources, which is a growing and very efficient source to produce local energy, develop mechanization or transportation.
We work permanently on discovering new vegetable oil sources and fix all these data in data sheets, standards, etc. Most of them you may download here.

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Fuel Handling and BioFuel certification