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For more than 25 years we have focused exclusively on developing high-tech engine conversion systems for the safe and effective use of vegetable oil based fuels. Our systems have been fitted in thousands of engines around the world. We use cutting edge professional 3D software in the development process, and we only work with trusted and proven manufacturers to assure only the highest quality. We are totally committed to maintaining the highest quality standards, which assures our continued leadership in the industry. We constantly work on developing our systems for the most modern diesel engine applications by.

Our systems include only the highest quality heat exchangers as well as high tech components to protect your engine and assure efficient and safe combustion of a variety of vegetable oil based fuels. If you are interested in getting started with local, environmentally friendly and sustainable fuel for your commercial, farm, personal vehicle or stationary engine including generators up to 5,000KW please contact us. Your engine data and/or the VIN of your truck, tractor etc will be very helpful. Enjoy shopping!


You may use even our spare part and conversion kit request form. We will check your data and will come back with an offer shortly.


Conversion kits for
cars and vans to
operate on vegetable
oil (SVO/WVO)

SVO/WVO conversion
kits for trucks and
other industrial

Software upgrades
of engine control
units (ECU/PCM)
for BioFuel

Spare parts (ELSBETT)
and other parts for
upgrading your BioFuel

Data Sheets - 
for vegetable oils,
filters, pumps 

- Apr 2021: 
Free Easter shipments for orders above 150$ 
- Mar 2021: Training courses and workshops across Europe again from June 2021
- Jan 2021:New software upgrades for Bosch, Delphi and Denso
- Sep 2020: Workshops 2020 will be limited to Europe. In 2021 we will train people worldwide again.

- Jun 2020: Due to the demand, we have added Plantomot SAE 5W-40 to our shop
- Mar 2020: We are available for you as usual, no restrictions through COVID19
- Jan 2020: New Bio-Chip releases for Ford engines (BOSCH -CR)
- Sep 2019: New SVO/WVO upgrades for Delphi DDCR and many Bosch EDC16Cxx
- Jan 2019: for South America - VW Gol, Parati, Saveiro and Voyager conversion kits
- Apr 2018: conversion kits for Chevrolet in the online shop now
- Mar 2018: conversion kits for Isuzu in the online shop now
- Jan 2018: Release for vehicles with Bosch Common Rail and DPF with active regeneration through separate injection nozzle in the exhaust pipe
- Dec 2017: Suzuki Conversion Kits available in our shop
- Sep 2017: New small scale centrifuge for vegetable oil purification available in shop
- Jul 2015 on: Conversion kits for Deutz industrial applications
- Software upgrade and single tank kits for Land Rover TD5 engines
- Mini refinery for oil waste oil treatment - welcome to copy

More news and references of our products and projects you may find here.




Engine runs all the time on SVO/WVO or diesel fuel or mixture of both - from the same fuel tank.


Engine starts and stops on diesel, most of the other time it operates on SVO/WVO or on diesel if needed.