Seat Altea(5P1) - conversion kit SVO/WVO/PPO

Product no.: 469005P1-0005 (Version/displacement (litres)/power(kW/BHP)/years of manuf./engine code/(introduction markets): Altea 1.9TDI /5P1/1.9l/77kW04/2004-05/2006 / BKC(), 1-tank or 2-tank: 1-tank conversion)

This conversion kit contains all main components of the engine modification. It enables you to operate the engine with new vegetable oil(SVO) or waste vegetable oil (WVO) - and mixtures of them. The oils must meet our standards.
This modification kit is not made for injection systems of all different manufacturers. 
If the injection system is not BOSCH or DENSO: Please let us know the brand of the injection system  (DELPHI, SIEMENS, CONTINENTAL, STANADYNE, etc.) before you order the kit. 
The modification kit is suitable for 12Volt applications. For 24Volt applications you need to order an upgrade beside this kit: order number 4000024 .
If there is an electronic injection system with engine control unit fitted: Please send us a picture of the engine control unit (ECU, PCM) where the manufacturer, hardware and software number is visible. 
For modification work on the engine control unit the modification kit comes with a programing tool. This tool you have to return after the modification works. For this we charge a core fee which we will return to you once we received this tool back in our house - order number: 10100101
The modification kit is not suitable for an engine with an original FAP / DPF system (only affects engines with VAG-PD and common rail injection systems). In such a case you have to modify or remove the soot filter before you convert the car.
You can find out more about further technical possibilities and restrictions on this page. This is updated regularly. 
Based on the selected engine model we offer 1-tank or/ and 2-tank modification kits.
Important: The extra fuel tank is not part of the modification kit and has to be ordered separately. You may also source it even from a local supplier.
You have currently selected a 1-tank conversion kit!
More details of the different technical solutions you will find

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Selection: Seat Altea(5P1) - conversion kit SVO/WVO/PPO

Product no. Version/displacement (litres)/power(kW/BHP)/years of manuf./engine code/(introduction markets) 1-tank or 2-tank Status Price
469005P1-0002 Altea 1.6TDI /5P1/1.6l/77kW10/2009- / CAYC() 2-tank conversion
1,490.00 € *
469005P1-0003 Altea 1.9TDI /5P1/1.9l/66kW08/2009- / BXF() 1-tank conversion
1,490.00 € *
469005P1-0004 Altea 1.9TDI /5P1/1.9l/66kW08/2009- / BXF() 2-tank conversion
1,490.00 € *
469005P1-0005 Altea 1.9TDI /5P1/1.9l/77kW04/2004-05/2006 / BKC() 1-tank conversion
1,490.00 € *
469005P1-0006 Altea 1.9TDI /5P1/1.9l/77kW04/2004-05/2006 / BKC() 2-tank conversion
1,490.00 € *
469005P1-0007 Altea 1.9TDI /5P1/1.9l/77kW04/2004-09/2005 / BJB() 1-tank conversion
1,490.00 € *
469005P1-0008 Altea 1.9TDI /5P1/1.9l/77kW04/2004-09/2005 / BJB() 2-tank conversion
1,490.00 € *
469005P1-0009 Altea 1.9TDI /5P1/1.9l/77kW10/2005- / BLS() 1-tank conversion
1,490.00 € *
469005P1-0010 Altea 1.9TDI /5P1/1.9l/77kW10/2005- / BLS() 2-tank conversion
1,490.00 € *
469005P1-0011 Altea 1.9TDI /5P1/1.9l/77kW02/2006- / BXE() 1-tank conversion
1,490.00 € *
469005P1-0012 Altea 1.9TDI /5P1/1.9l/77kW02/2006- / BXE() 2-tank conversion
1,490.00 € *
469005P1-0013 Altea 2.0TDI /5P1/2.0l/100kW04/2004-03/2009 / AZV() 1-tank conversion
1,490.00 € *
469005P1-0014 Altea 2.0TDI /5P1/2.0l/100kW04/2004-03/2009 / AZV() 2-tank conversion
1,490.00 € *
469005P1-0015 Altea 2.0TDI /5P1/2.0l/103kW03/2004- / BKD() 1-tank conversion
1,490.00 € *
469005P1-0016 Altea 2.0TDI /5P1/2.0l/103kW03/2004- / BKD() 2-tank conversion
1,490.00 € *
469005P1-0017 Altea 2.0TDI /5P1/2.0l/103kW11/2005- / BMM() 1-tank conversion
1,490.00 € *
469005P1-0018 Altea 2.0TDI /5P1/2.0l/103kW11/2005- / BMM() 2-tank conversion
1,490.00 € *
469005P1-0019 Altea 2.0TDI /5P1/2.0l/125kW11/2005-03/2009 / BMN() 1-tank conversion
1,490.00 € *
469005P1-0020 Altea 2.0TDI /5P1/2.0l/125kW11/2005-03/2009 / BMN() 2-tank conversion
1,490.00 € *
469005P1-0022 Altea 2.0TDI /5P1/2.0l/125kW03/2009- / CEGA() 2-tank conversion
1,490.00 € *
* Prices without VAT or delivery

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Version/displacement (litres)/power(kW/BHP)/years of manuf./engine code/(introduction markets) Altea 1.9TDI /5P1/1.9l/77kW04/2004-05/2006 / BKC()
1-tank or 2-tank 1-tank conversion

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