Product no.: 10143459-0007 (Engine manufacturer: PEUGEOT, ECU manufacturer: BOSCH, ECU version: EDC16C39, Software upgrade: by flash, DPF replacement: Imitation)

Package-Bio-D: BioFuel-Software upgrades for engine ECU/PCM with soot filter replacement or removal (DPF /FAP-off) due to BioFuel operation, etc. (The removal or replacement of DPF systems might be illegal in some countries, please check this out before you act)
Important after ordering of these packages: For the software modification you must send us the software file of your engine control modul. For reading and writing of this file you or your workshop need a proper reading and writing tool (Flashtool).  If such a tool is not available, we will also do this work and will charge you additionally for this extra procedure of reading and writing.

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Selection: PEUGEOT-BIO-Chip-D

Product no. Engine manufacturer ECU manufacturer ECU version Software upgrade DPF replacement Status Price
10143459-0008 PEUGEOT BOSCH EDC15 by flash Shutdown
180.00 € *
10143459-0001 PEUGEOT BOSCH EDC16C0 by flash Shutdown
180.00 € *
10143459-0007 PEUGEOT BOSCH EDC16C39 by flash Imitation
310.00 € *
10143459-0002 PEUGEOT BOSCH EDC16C34 by flash Shutdown
180.00 € *
10143459-0003 PEUGEOT BOSCH EDC16CP39 by flash Shutdown
180.00 € *
10143459-0004 PEUGEOT BOSCH EDC17C10 by flash Shutdown
180.00 € *
10143459-0005 PEUGEOT BOSCH EDC17CP11 by flash Shutdown
180.00 € *
10143459-0006 PEUGEOT BOSCH EDC17CP52 by flash Shutdown
180.00 € *
* Prices without VAT or delivery

Additional product information

Engine manufacturer PEUGEOT
ECU manufacturer BOSCH
ECU version EDC16C39
Software upgrade by flash
DPF replacement Imitation

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