Product no.: 10140471-0004 (Engine manufacturer: SKODA, ECU manufacturer: BOSCH, ECU version: EDC16U31, Software upgrade: by flash)

Package-Bio-A: BioFuel-Software upgrades for engine ECU/PCM for operation on Biodiesel and mixtures (B5-B100); Bio-B gives your application following advantages:
- better and cleaner combustion
- better torque
- less gear shifting
- better fuel consumption
Important after ordering of these packages: For the software modification you must send us the software file of your engine control modul. For reading and writing of this file you or your workshop need a proper reading and writing tool (Flashtool).  If such a tool is not available, we will also do this work and will charge you additionally for this extra procedure of reading and writing.

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Selection: SKODA-BIO-Chip-A

Product no. Engine manufacturer ECU manufacturer ECU version Software upgrade Status Price
10140471-0001 SKODA BOSCH EDC15 by flash
C$399.00 *
10140471-0002 SKODA BOSCH EDC16CP34 by flash
C$399.00 *
10140471-0003 SKODA BOSCH EDC16U1 by flash
C$399.00 *
10140471-0004 SKODA BOSCH EDC16U31 by flash
C$399.00 *
10140471-0005 SKODA BOSCH EDC16U34 by flash
C$399.00 *
10140471-0006 SKODA BOSCH EDC17C46 by flash
C$399.00 *
10140471-0007 SKODA BOSCH EDC17C54 by flash
C$399.00 *
10140471-0008 SKODA BOSCH EDC17CP04 by flash
C$399.00 *
10140471-0009 SKODA BOSCH EDC17CP14 by flash
C$399.00 *
10140471-0010 SKODA BOSCH EDC17CP20 by flash
C$399.00 *
10140471-0011 SKODA BOSCH EDC17CP44 by flash
C$399.00 *
10140471-0012 SKODA BOSCH EDC17U01 by flash
C$399.00 *
10140471-0013 SKODA BOSCH EDC17U05 by flash
C$399.00 *
* Prices without VAT or delivery

Additional product information

Engine manufacturer SKODA
ECU manufacturer BOSCH
ECU version EDC16U31
Software upgrade by flash

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