Online shop for SVO/WVO engine technology

Our systems include only the highest quality heat exchangers as well as high tech components to protect your engine and assure efficient and safe combustion of a variety of vegetable oil based fuels. If you are interested in getting started with local, environmentally friendly and sustainable fuel for your commercial, farm, personal vehicle or stationary engine including generators up to 5,000KW please contact us. Your engine data and/or the VIN of your truck, tractor etc will be very helpful. Enjoy shopping!

You may use even our spare part and conversion kit request form. We will check your data and will come back with an offer shortly.

Engine runs all the time on SVO/WVO or diesel fuel or mixture of both - from the same fuel tank. (click left image)


Engine starts and stops on diesel, most of the other time it operates on SVO/WVO or on diesel if needed. (click left image)

Online shop for SVO/WVO engine technology