FAQ - Filling up with Pure Plant Oil (PPO)

What is the difference between PPO and bio-diesel?

Which kinds of pure plant oils are suitable for powering (converted) diesel engines?

Is there a quality standard for rapeseed oil?

Yes. The Weihenstephan-standard of 05/2000 that ELSBETT helped to establish which, however, was transformed to the DIN 51605 Standard. This is a list of criteria that an oil used to power a diesel engine should meet. The quality standard sheet is included in the booklet that comes with the ELSBETT conversion set.

Can I use used cooking (fryer) oil?

Will agriculture be able to meet the demands of future vegetable oil use?

What would it cost to have my own plant oil filling station?

For only a little money one can have a storage tank (used) with a pump with filling nozzle for individual use. For larger consumers, businesses, etc. a large storage tank will be needed, this may cost a little more.

Are there safety regulations for pure plant oil?