FAQ - Driving and maintenance

Does conversion change daily car use?

No. Fuel consumption and performance will be the same, unlike bio-diesel use, which results in higher fuel consumption because of its lower energy value. During winter, diesel fuel needs to be mixed with pure plant oil (see ELSBETT booklet), and with two-tank systems attention needs to be paid to flushing of the injection system every time the engine is shut off.

Does regular maintenance of my car change after conversion?

More frequent oil changes for most cars. Specific information about this can be found in the ELSBETT booklet that comes with your conversion set.

Who can take care of maintenance after conversion?

ELSBETT conversions are made to keep the changes to car and engine limited and, with service and maintenance in mind, stay as close to stock as possible. Your regular mechanic can work on your car. The ELSBETT booklet will point out the few essential things that you need to know about your car and may want to tell your mechanic about.

How can I avoid problems during winter time?

ELSBETT recommends mixing vegetable oil with 10 - 30% standard diesel fuel with subzero degrees with the single tank as well as with the two-tank systems. However, oHoyou will find more details for your vehicle in the ELSBETT booklet.

Can I still use standard diesel fuel after conversion?

Yes, standard diesel fuel can be used and blended with pure plant oil.

Can I damage the conversion by using standard diesel fuel frequently?

No. However, it is recommended to de-activate the heat exchanger when diesel is used for extended periods to avoid unnecessary heating of the fuel.