FAQ - Conversion service

How much does conversion cost?

All prices for our conversion sets can be found in our Online Shop. A few inexpensive parts might have to be purchased, too.

Does the conversion come with a warranty?

All parts included in the conversion set will be under warranty of which conditions are described on the ELSBETT website. Installation, if done by an ELSBETT service partner, has a one year limited warranty for commercial customers and two years for private customers.

Do automobile manufacturers support and/or give clearance for conversion?

Does conversion change the vehicle performance?

Performance and fuel consumption of the engine running on diesel or pure plant oil (PPO) will be practically the same.

Does conversion change emissions?

Why should I choose an ELSBETT conversion?

ELSBETT has more than 30 years of experience in SVO technology and a large fleet of test vehicles. They offer a wide range of vehicle specific conversions, single-tank or two-tank. Their knowledge and expertise will guarantee the best conversion solution for any vehicle.

ELSBETT DIY sets are the same as the conversions done in the ELSBETT shop. Feedback from customers helps with the ongoing development and improvement of the conversions.

ELSBETT is in the first place a research and development company. The conversion sets have been designed so that qualified mechanics can perform installation independently, anywhere. Therefore, ELSBETT is constantly expanding their network of service partners not only nationally but worldwide.

ELSBETT can be seen as pioneer of the PPO engine, has brought the PPO-conversion movement to life and wishes to continue to be the driving force behind it.

Is the ELSBETT Engine still in production?

No. The production stopped in the mid 90s due to the reasons described above. But many of these engines are still worldwide in service today.