General Terms and Conditions

General Terms and Conditions of Elsbett Technologie GmbH and Elsbett AG (ELSBETT®), August 2006

I. General

II. Offers, Orders

III. Consumers right of redemption

IV. Remuneration

V. Payment

VI. Delivery

VII. Passing of Risk

VIII. Warranty for defects of goods and installation services

IX. Damages

X. Acceptance of performance

XI. Retention of Title

Applicable Law, Interpretation of Trade Terms, etc.

XIII. Place of Performance and Jurisdiction, Invalidity of Individual Clauses

XIV. ELSBETT®´s Address

Elsbett Technologie GmbH / Elsbett AG, Weißenburger Straße 15, D-91177 Thalmässing.

Consumer’s right of Redemption

A consumer can be any natural person who concludes a legal transaction for a purpose that is allocable neither to his/her commercial nor his/her self employed professional activity.

The buyer is herewith informed that his/her order is no longer binding for him/her if the goods delivered are returned within the set period or, in case goods cannot be returned by parcel, if the seller is requested to take back the goods within the set period. No reason need be started for a return or a request to take back the goods, both of which have to be addressed to Elsbett Technology GmbH and sent off within two weeks. The set period is regarded as being observed when the goods or the request have been sent off in time.

The set period begins at the point in time at which the buyer received this information on the right of redemption in writing but not before compliance with the duty to supply information in accordance with § 312 section 2 BGB (German Civil Code) and not before receipt of the goods. The costs and risks of the return shipment are borne by Elsbett Technology GmbH/Elsbett AG.

If a buyer exercises his/her right of redemption, good received and any benefits derived there from have to be returned. Instead of redemption, a buyer has to provide compensation if

return is excluded by the nature of the object or benefits concerned,

No obligation to provide compensation shall be incurred if Elsbett Technology GmbH/Elsbett AG is responsible for the deterioration or perishing of the object of purchase or if the damage had likewise occurred had the object of purchase remained the property of Elsbett Technology GmbH. Any further-going claims do not exist.

The set period specified in § 286 section 3 BGB (German code Civil), after which Elsbett Technology GmbH/Elsbett AG is in default of reimbursement of the purchase price, begins with the buyer’s announcement of the return of the object of purchase.

Address for service: Elsbett Technology GmbH/Elsbett AG, Managing Director / CEO: Klaus Elsbett, Weissenburger Str. 15, D - 91177 Thalmaessing