FAQ - Conversion

Why should I convert my car?

PPO is by nature a good fuel. However, it is more viscous and has a higher flash point than diesel fuel. This is great for frying but makes ignition more difficult; a pure liquid in its natural form, not typically in all its standard product usages.

We know of many diesel car owners that use (or have used) PPO without converting their car. Sooner or later this will cause problems, often suddenly. It can damage the injection pump, clog up injector nozzles, cause valve failure and destroy the inside of the engine when PPO and motor oil mix. With more than 30 years of research and development experience in this field ELSBETT strongly advices against PPO use without conversion.

The ELSBETT conversion system takes care of these (potential) problems with the following measures:

1. Temperature management,

2. Fuel line improvement,

3. Integration of additional fuel filtering,

4. Adjustment of electronic control functions,

5. Adjustment of injection technology,

6. Control and management functions.

Of course, in addition to this attention needs to be paid to oil quality (see DIN 51605 Quality Standard for rapeseed oil).


What kinds of diesel engines and injection systems are there?

In principle there are “indirect injection” (D and TD) and “direct injection” engines (TDI, CDI). In the indirect systems fuel is injected into a “pre-chamber”, in direct systems fuel is injected directly into the cylinders. Direct injection systems have higher power output and efficiency with lower fuel consumption. Turbo chargers can be used in all types of engines to increase performance and efficiency.

Injection systems can be categorised as follows:

What is the difference between “Single-Tank” and “Two-Tank” conversions?

All PPO conversion systems can be categorised into two basic principles; single-tank and two-tank systems. Both systems have been developed at ELSBETT and both offer the option to use, PPO, standard diesel fuel or a mixture of these. Both systems are constantly updated to match the latest diesel engine technology.

With single-tank systems fuel is delivered to the engine from one tank only. PPO can be used as the only fuel, “diesel start” nor “diesel flush” are needed. Key components of these conversions are injection nozzle and glow plug modifications. ELSBETT offers single-tank conversions for all pre-chamber diesel engines as well as for Volkswagen TDI engines. The development of single-tank systems is more expensive; these systems will therefore usually cost more.

Two-tank systems use diesel fuel from a second tank to power the vehicle while the engine is warming up. Once operation temperature has been reached the system will automatically switch to PPO from the main tank. Before the engine is turned off for long enough to cool off one switches back to diesel to flush the PPO out of the injection system. This system is used in trucks and vans as well as in the cars that cannot be converted with a single-tank system.

Does conversion need to be mentioned on the vehicle title and/or registration?

Only the diesel tank with the ELSBETT two-tank-system has to be mentioned.

How do engine and injection system help decide what kind of conversion is needed?

ELSBETT single-tank systems are available (and recommended) for:

ELSBETT two-tank systems are available for:

Our two-tank systems are designed in such a way that they can be easily upgraded to a single-tank system, if so desired, once they become available for these particular vehicles.

Which vehicles are good candidates for conversion?

In theory all diesel engines can be outfitted to run on vegetable oil. ELSBETT has the most experience and test mileage with Volkswagen and Mercedes-Benz, simply because these are the most popular diesel cars and the most frequently converted ones. But cars, vans and trucks of many other makes have been successfully converted, at this point at least 400 different vehicles.

Does ELSBETT offer a conversion for my car?

With our standardised conversion sets we can cover just about any diesel vehicle; cars, vans, trucks and buses (both 12V and 24V power). We have also converted stationary generators and rail road diesel equipment. Our truck conversions can be used for conversion of Thermal Power Generators (CHP).

How can I convert or have someone convert my car with an ELSBETT system?

Two options: Buy the conversion set and do it yourself (instructions are included), or order the set and make an appointment with a service partner near to your location to have him install it for you.