ELSBETT Diesel Technology - ELSBETT Engine

The distinctive features afforded by the ELSBETT technology, and which relate to specific engine components, are listed below. Each component part can be used separately and many of today's best-known engines are already fitted with components or systems designed by ELSBETT.

1. The ELSBETT articulated piston

2. The ELSBETT oil cooling system

3. The ELSBETT fuel injection system

4. The ELSBETT duothermic combustion system

Only by combining the above mentioned elements is it possible to achieve the optimum thermal and mechanical conditions required for the combustion of fuels, such as natural vegetable oils, which are slow to vaporise.

The only engine specifically developed for successful use of vegetable oil is the ELSBETT engine. Get more information about the vegetable oil engine and its application.

Some of ELSBETT`s latest developments are mulitfuel-conversion-kits for passenger cars and even for heavy-duty trucks. But we are not only concentrating on the multifuel possibility of engines. The improvement of engine performance is one of our main concerns. Our long time experience is reflected in a lot of patents and e. g. in the success of our test fleet.