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Comments on the ELSBETT conversion

"Rapeseed oil instead of diesel is the easiest way of using solar energy for transport today - and it is ready for the market"

Transport journal "Verkehrsrundschau" on the ELSBETT technology

"I am very surprised at how my vehicle performs on vegetable oil; the engine seems to run much quieter, and the performance isn't reduced at all. Quite the reverse, the engine seems to have more power."

Heiko Bilbeber, Bachhagel

"We have driven 100000km with our Audi a6 2.5TDI with ELSBETT conversion. We are very happy and gladly recommend it"

Tom Blauert, Blauert KG.

"I've driven over 100 000 km on vegetable oil, without any problems. Performance and fuel consumption stayed the same after the ELSBETT conversion."

Wolfgang Triltsch, Oberwittelsbach

"Think Global - Act local. That is effective protection for the climate with renewable energy.".

Rudolf Eineder, mayor of Berching

"I'm still happy after 3 years and will continue to have my new vehicles converted as I buy them"

Taxi Goss, Taxi company in Wadersloh

I just wanted to tell you, that last week in the ELSBETT Passat I bought from you nine years ago (128000km then), on the way back from Potsdam to Krefeld at a speed of 110km/h and a fuel economy of 4.2 l/100km, I passed the 400000km mark, still with the new cylinder head from Autumn 2000

Hans Bissels

"Incredible, it really works! You can even drive with cooking oil from the supermarket - and it smells better than diesel."

H. Leisler, housewife from Nuremberg