ELSBETT Conversion Technology - Others

Other Diesel motors besides vehicle engines can be converted economically to vegetable oil, such as larger combined-heat-and-power systems, and generators, which can soon no longer be run on subsidised heating oil.

A standardised kit is not suitable here, and each conversion requires some engineering work.

Railway locomotives

Diesel powered railway stock is another interesting application for vegetable oil conversion technology.

ELSBETT have already converted locomotives and railcars of between 220 and 2000 kW using a specially modified variant of the 2-tank system.

Railway vehicles are particularly economical to convert:

Special services

Special services offered by ELSBETT include constructions for modern diesel motors (not just for vegetable oil), research, application in marine engines, and consulting for oil producers and oil press manufacturers.

Günter Elsbett in particular advises institutions and companies on energy and environmental concepts, and writes technical assessments and research on engines. Gunter Elsbett can be reached by Email.