ELSBETT Conversion Technology - Agricultural Machinery

We offer vegetable oil conversion kits with precisely matched technical characteristics for nearly all popular agricultural engines.

This patent protected ELSBETT technology features a standardised, easy to install kit for agricultural machines (tractors, combines, etc.) with 12V and 24V systems.

The standard kit does not include the auxiliary tank, as most customers have special requirements for the size, shape, colour and material, so choosing and buying is left to the customer. We recommend a capacity of at least 100 litres for motors over 140kW / 190 bhp, otherwise at least 50 litres.


The conversion kit comes with comprehensive, illustrated fitting instructions, which must be followed correctly to maintain validity of the warranty. Installation will pose no problem to trained fitters. The total time required by a trained fitter will be 2 or 3 days, after fitting the auxiliary tank.


The typical 2-tank conversion kit for a unit (tractor, combine, chipper, ...) would contain the following parts (subject to change):